cat44 on Ol' Roy

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cat44 on Ol' Roy

Post by i77cat » Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:42 pm


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Roy Williams has always been an insecure weasel. He has spent his entire life being an enabler, and condoner of corrupt (not saying illegal) behavior. To say he knew nothing about what has been going on means he is either one of the dumbest of the dumb, or confirms what a pathetic liar he is. I have no doubt he has done many more good things than bad things, and has many very supportive friends. But he knew, Davis knew, whoever the AD was knew, and so did the chancellor.

Now UNC is trying to sweep it under the rug by supposedly firing 9 people. I'd like to know who the 9 are, and what the real terms of the firings are. They will hide that under some cloak of "Privacy", so that we cannot find out what the buyouts are. This may be an indictment of UNC, but it is also of most, if not all, of the supposed Power 5 (are you listening Duke, Stanford, Notre Dame, Wake?), and probably many more schools (and supportive alums) who seem to get their identities from the "success" of their sports programs.

I'm sure some will think that those comments are over the line because I have never met or talked to Williams. And the only information I have is what I've read or seen. Good for you, but that's enough for me.
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